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Ktech 15 10 148394

Knowing the difference between a bobber, bagger, flattracker and a cafe racer.

With years of experience in motorcycle marketing as well as being hands on we were well placed to help K-Tech launch their Harley and custom bike suspension in the US. As with all projects it started with a discovery phase that soon highlighted that we were all sat in the UK making sweeping assumptions of who this audience were.

OK so we got a fair bit of that spot on but there were significant holes in our knowledge and the only way to truly understand the audience was to join them. Join them at Daytona bike week in Florida and also at the Born Free show in California, sounds glamourous, it kind of was but it was also amazingly insightful. Speaking to custom builders, visiting workshops, hangouts, shows and talking to people we got a true understanding of their needs and decision making criteria, all of which changed our approach.

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Following this we got on with creating assets both digitally and in print and opened up communications with bloggers, test riders and racers to start to build a network of advocates of K-Tech. Supply of great assets such as imagery and video was crucial to allow these new found partners to do a lot of the work for us.

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Nzime have been with us from the start and it's been an exciting journey, K-Tech heavily rely on Nzime as an extension to the team and provide us with ongoing support both online and offline. Their deep understanding of us as a business and our audience is critical in our ongoing success.

Chris Taylor - Founder