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Digital Brand Extension: E-Commerce


But there are some often overlooked corners of the digital ecosystem where brands are still trying to find the right balance.

Ecommerce is a prime example. Different objectives, often pulling in opposite directions, can make it difficult to make this work as part of a wider strategy.

Conversion has become the central pillar of ecommerce UX - and rightly so, after all it is the primary function! And the art of conversion has become a craft unto itself, from big sweeping UX strategies to the marginal gains from the smallest details - which add up to a big difference. Honing this with split testing and effective tracking means brands are absolutely getting the most out of their commerce journeys across all devices.

It’s a big part of what we do at Nzime. But it’s only part of the puzzle.


A focus on ecommerce conversion - the act of selling - can often mean that brand strategy and its digital extension can be neglected.

Converting individual journeys is important. But what about the bit before and after that? What about the fragmented user journeys across devices that inform the buying decisions? The choice to buy from you, keep buying from you and the value of that relationship means brand engagement is central to conversion.

Conversion strategies in saturated price lead markets are simply not enough - why don’t I just buy it on Amazon or eBay…

So all ecommerce has a need for effective storytelling at a brand level. Not just hidden away in an About Us section somewhere in the footer, but embedded into the UX across the journey - reinforcing, empowering, positioning as part of a rounded experience.

Ecommerce can be fickle, and with the commoditisation sometimes caused by the "I’ll research this then buy it in the cheapest place I can find" customer type, building relationships, loyalty and the perception of value over cost is important. And that’s where conversion and brand engagement align.

But how can you build immersive brand experiences around the clean focused conversion-lead design of ecommerce?

That’s where it becomes difficult. It’s all about how your key messaging degrades across the user journey. From the focussed portal of content that is the homepage, down to the stripped back design of the check out process.

It’s about understanding how your differentiators are relevant across journeys - not conflicting or distracting, but reinforcing brand values. Answering the question of ‘Why should I buy this from you’ and rising above the commoditisation in saturated markets. This doesn’t detract from the cold measurable business of conversion - instead it enriches it.


For example, we’re currently helping Jewson leverage their nationwide branch network of knowledgeable staff to enrich their ecommerce presence - differentiating themselves from cheaper sellers by demonstrating the value they add as an authority in the market...

We’ve also been helping Puma rise above faceless resellers of Formula 1 merchandise by bringing their passion for racing to life throughout their ecommerce experience...

All without compromising the conversion strategies. Getting this balance right is the DNA of effective ecommerce.

If you feel like your ecommerce presence is only telling half the story then drop us a line.