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Creating content
users want to see.

Often a brand can overlook what their true offering is, it can become too focussed on the obvious such as product/service when the real value and often the differentiator is something quite different.

Working alongside an amazing digital team (you know who you are) we helped form a digital and social strategy to improve engagement with their core audiences. One thing that soon dropped out of this was the dominance, trust and heritage that Speedo has as a brand.

How do we leverage that? Lets help people to swim better, let’s create resource which helps them achieve their goals whilst positioning Speedo as an approachable yet knowledgeable brand.

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We soon started working on a content strategy centered around ‘how to’ videos, videos that were aimed not at professionals or at beginners but at regular swimmers who want to get the most out of their sport. After producing numerous videos across many different disciplines the videos started to get picked up and the results were staggering.

Speedo Youtube@2X

To date there have been 10’s of millions of views as well as the exposure it has helped Speedo position themselves inline with their internal strategy.

During the shooting of the videos a social phenomenon emerged in the shape of ‘the harlem shake’ remember it? Always one’s to jump on a bandwagon… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzc6ENUKR64

A key element to Speedo's global digital strategy was the replatforming of Speedo.com. Nzime were instrumental in the delivery of this large and complex project helping Speedo to achieve a solid increase in organic traffic since launch. They were responsible for project management, functional requirement gathering across 3 regions (China, Europe, UK), design, build, UAT and market roll out. Nzime have great strengths in both project management and creative design. Another strength of Nzime is its size and capability, great technical and planning resources you'd expect from larger digital agencies but small and agile enough to allow for direct conversations with key members of the project team negating some of the usual account management constraints. I have no hesitation in recommending Nzime as they are a great team, that will certainly lead you to success.

Head of digitial - Speedo