Food Only Hr Chickenchorizopaella
Food Only Hr Chickenchorizopaella

An extension to their team.

Over the years we have worked very closely with Slimming World's digital team stepping in to either support internal projects, bring along UX and strategy experience or to deliver stand alone projects. This has led to a brilliant client/agency relationship based on open collaboration, slotting in supportive skill sets and working alongside with some of the countries most visionary digital thinkers.

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As with any project we get involved with we went to great lengths to get to understand who the audience is that we need to speak to, this time it was going to local Slimming World meetings, engaging with members on social and interviewing key stakeholders. The results achieved certainly support our approach.

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Nzime have recently been involved more strategically in helping to evolve our digital creative outputs for new and existing audiences. They've challenged us , but have also brought fresh ideas to us and also advised us on digital best practice and tactics in terms of our public content. Nzime are a great bunch to work with and are extremely flexible and friendly which really helps when you have a blend of internal and external resource.

Head of digital - Slimming World