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Helping a great brand
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Interflora understand the importance of attracting, developing and retaining talent in order to grow. But this is no easy task - it’s not just about engaging with talented people, it’s the right people to thrive in your culture. So effectively bringing that culture to life is crucial. We’ve helped them to do this, developing an Employer Value Proposition and rolling it across their digital presence, on and off site.

Our first step was to get insight into the challenges facing the brand as an employer and to understand the values, culture and personality that define the business. We did this by conducting workshops across the business and documenting and capturing their real life working environment

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We discovered that the main influencing factors in the attraction and retention of staff centred around location and culture.

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Being located in a rural Nottinghamshire village made tempting talent away from the big city a challenge. The culture of the business centred around a positive, nurturing environment with tangible family feel to relationships - internally and externally. This defined the personality types that flourished in the business.

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Nzime worked with Interflora to not view this as flaws, but strengths - and the reality of the issues facing their employer brand came down to setting effective expectations of what working within the business was actually like. Understand and embracing that some personalities would not….

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