Insights - Harry Mee

Why we use Craft CMS


Now, I'm not saying Craft is better than Magento, Drupal or Wordpress. Although, we have started to use it more and more. For every new project that we undertake, we look into every possible CMS option and always recommend the CMS that best fits the client's needs.

Development and Developers

One of the biggest advantages of developing with Craft is its flexibility. It gives the developer complete freedom on the technologies they wish to use. SASS, less, Grunt, Gulp, NPM, Webpack, jQuery, Vue.js, React, it doesn't matter what it is, if you want to use it you can, and in some cases you can choose not to use any of them. It's completely up to the developer.

Custom Fields

Believe it or not but one of the biggest problems with working with most CMS's is managing the content. Craft makes managing content a piece of cake. It allows developers to completely customise the field layout of each content type, meaning that they can easily create completely custom templates/pages with very little limitations compared to a typical full page wysiwyg editor that a lot of CMS's use.


Control Panel

As soon as you login to the admin of a Craft site, you are greeted with a simple and intuitive interface. No more navigating through several sub-menus to get to where you need to go, even a novice can get to the content with as little as two clicks.

The control panel is also fully responsive, so you can easily create and edit content on the go.

Live Preview

When creating and editing content, Craft provides a tool that allows you to preview the page before making it live using the Live Preview tool. This tool is definitely a client's favourite and it even lets you show other people the page by clicking the 'share' button.


Craft also ships with localisation so you can easily create translated versions of your website.


If you are currently using Craft and would like support or thinking of Craft as the platform for your digital project then get in touch at or call the office on 0115 950 9720.