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Our Kinect Sports Facebook Application Explained


Usually when we finish a new digital project it goes online for all the world to see in all its glory. With one of our more recent projects however you will have to be one of the lucky people that own an Xbox 360 Kinect and Xbox Live.

Kinect Sport 2

There is no need to worry though, we have taken the time to put together a collection of images walking you through each section of the application giving a glimpse of the magic it has to offer.

I’d like to introduce you to to the Official Kinect Sports.

Whether your specialty is Bowling, Table Tennis or a spot of Beach Volleyball (bikini not required) you can put your skills up against anyone and everyone with international leagues. You have the option to simply join the current weeks league or subscribe, which will automatically enter you into your selected leagues every week.

If you prefer competition on a more personal level, invite your Facebook friends to your own personal weekly league. You choose the Sport, Number of Games, League name and Start Date.

Kinectsports 01 Lg

So you’ve joined a few international leagues and invited your friends to the bowling league to end all leagues you can then keep track of everyones progress in My Leagues. After joining a league you have been invited to you can also keep a track on the progress and how long you have to get your games in. Once leagues are finished they are fully archived for you to reminisce on your achievements.

If you have played Kinect Sports you will be fully aware of the hysteria generated by seeing your game highlights. If you were daring enough to upload your videos to Kinect Share you can view them all in My(your) Videos.

My Records: See how you compare against your friends, find out who’s been practicing a little too much and if it’s your thing brag to your Facebook friends about how great you are.