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Label Lab For Label Apeel

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Here at Nzime, we like to go one step further and for the last three years we've worked with Label Apeel to create a stand at the annual Packaging Innovations trade show at the NEC. This year though, we've out done ourselves (even if we do say it ourselves).

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Dsc 0190 170511 144001

To make Label Apeel's stand jump out from the rest we came up with the concept of a 'Label Lab' (not at all related to amount of 'Breaking Bad' episodes the studio has been hooked on).

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Armed with a periodic table of different label finishes, petri dish sample packs, test tube business cards, dry ice and lab equipment galore we put together a knock- out show. Its safe to say, they blew the competition away - don't worry not literally, the lab was completely safe!