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Last week we were invited to speak at the High Growth Seminar 2013, our focus for the talk was purely on developing a brand and the value of branding.

Black And White City Man People

I'm happy/relieved to say the other delegates didn't throw any rotten vegetables a good sign at least!

The event was a great opportunity for us to hob nob, chin-wag and generally chit chat with the rest of the high growth crowd and some old friends from the Midlands and beyond.

Hopefully the delegates found our talk useful and it wasn't a case of us being evangelical about a passion of ours. Alongside us, there were a fantastic selection of speakers; Nik Hewitt - Tank PR on Social Media, James Taylor - Macildowie on High Growth Through People and the well-known Peter Cook on Sex, Leadership & Rock 'n' Roll... to name a few.

Just to let you know we do encores - so anyone willing to hear the talk again...