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Harley, Triumph & Custom Motorcycle Research


K-Tech Suspension are one of the world leading suspension manufacturers and a client of ours for the last 15 years, they are also the guys that commissioned the research project to help facilitate their product release in the US. After a lengthy and incredibly successful presence in the road bike and race scene, K-Tech have developed a fresh new product for the Harley Davidson, Triumph and custom motorcycle market.

Nzime have been and are currently involved in launching the product range across North America, not an easy undertaking for a brand that is synonymous with racing and attempting to talk to the other end of the m/c spectrum. The approach Nzime has taken is that although the majority of the team involved in the project understand the market we needed to truly get under the skin, live and breath custom bikes.

North America looking exciting for K-Tech, awareness is starting to build, marketing strategies formed and significant commercial success is around the corner, a corner that has arrived a lot quicker than if we had proposed UK based US insight research.

Nzime are true believers when it comes to hands on research, living the brand and gaining understanding from a customer POV, wee ridden hundreds of miles, been in the middle of a rugby scrum, taken up swimming, played endless video games, became qualified scuba divers and even baked cakes and cooked Chinese takeaway to understand the mind set of our audiences.

It's great when you love your job.