Insights - Darren

All Things Web At Handheld Conference 2013


Yesterday we made a rather long train journey over to Cardiff Bay for All Things Web at Handheld conference. It was a jam-packed schedule full of awesome and insightful speakers who covered everything from responsive web design, workflow through to icon design best practises.


These are some bits from some of the speakers made which we found particularly interesting:

Mark Boulton talked us through a case study of designing the CERT website and made an interesting point about how they were required to cater different stories to audiences using the same content, from the scientists who wanted specifics through to the general public who wanted easy to understand updates. This required a whole new editorial and CMS process which isn't necessarily easy but it was essential.

Pexels Photo 265101

Brenden Dawes was a VERY energetic speaker which was amazing to listen to. He spoke about simplifying and symbolising stories and how film posters are effectively data visualisation (interesting). He makes tools for playing with graphics which is amazing and we love how he experiments for both fun and to have the knowledge if he needs to use anything for future projects.

Jon Hicks reminded us to consider local knowledge when designing icons. An example he gave was an owl represents wisdom in the West but in the East it represents stupidity. So it's worth doing our homework to avoid offending people.

Ling Valentine didn't fail to entertain by coming on stage and talking from inside a Dalek and Syd Lawrence's interactive live SMS 'guess who' game was fun, sadly it didn't work out as he planned (but he had lasers so he was forgiven).

The day was split up by Brian Lawson teaching us HTML through song, an open letter from an 8 and 11 year old telling us what they expect from us as industry professionals, some crazy super strong gymnast doing some insane balancing, free mince pies, chocolates and t shirts, lasers and a lovely Welsh choir.

All in day a brilliant (and tiring) day!