A digital agency that loves change

Our world is always changing - we love that. We've built an agency that thrives on change, collaboration, creativity and learning.

Looking for shiny suits? You’re in the wrong place. Our creativity, passion and enthusiasm is infectious - great ideas are born from great relationships.

About Gif 3

Working with you

We understand commercially that clients have individual needs and ways of working...

Retained: Long loving relationships are important to us, we have clients that have been with us from day one. The longer we work together the more we understand your world and the stronger the insight becomes. Complacency? Nope, we're always challenging, evolving, learning.

Project by project: If delivering individual projects is the way you work, that’s fine too. We’re not ones to deliver and run though, we see strength in ongoing relationships and believe that the best results come from this. That’s why we still see the bigger picture, even on the smallest of projects.

Consultancy: Many of our clients have great internal teams that sometimes have requirements outside of their skill sets or simply have too much on their plate to manage ‘that project’. We step in and work as a collaborative extension of the team.

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Our Values

Be Nice

Do we really need to explain?

Be Honest

Nothing is ever gained by not being honest, it also saves everyones time.

Work Hard

We're not slave drivers but when sleeves need to be rolled...


Don't just accept; challenge. It results in great work.

Be Passionate

Love what you do. Take control. See it through to the end.

Use Initiative

Never assume, never rely on others, be confident in your own thoughts and insights.


Our agency has been built on achievements, carry this on.

Think Big

Don't settle on the 'usual', go large.