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A unique story that puts our money where our mouth is.

2014 saw us purchase Motor Cycle Accessories Limited, an established brand within motorcycling since 1950 selling yes you've guessed it, motorcycle accessories.

In it’s hayday MCA was the go to for clothing and accessories but over the recent decade it started to slip off the map with the digital presence of accessory superstores both domestic and overseas.

It was clear that what was needed was to differentiate MCA from the price orientated online battle that had become established within the industry, we had to give people reasons to visit us or buy from us online above our competition.

With 65 years of heritage and what was once a formidable name in UK motorcycling we had a great platform to start from, first on the to do list was creating a digital presence, this involved all social channels, primarily Facebook, ecommerce, eCRM, Google shopping and remarketing. Behind the scenes we added staff structure, procedures, stock management, till systems and underwent a full refit.

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A 5 year exit strategy was always in place from day 1 with a set of KPIs that we wanted to achieve, double turnover, build an audience, re-establish awareness, focus the offering and create a scalable business. 4 years in and the opportunity arose to sell so that’s what we did.

I won’t say it wasn’t stressful, it was a huge learning curve stepping into retail but it gave us incredible insight which we now relay to our clients and apply a lot of the learnings as we can honestly say that we have been there, done that.

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A true success story that we are very proud of and we obviously didn’t just do it by ourselves, we had a great network of specialists who gave advice and guidance throughout. This just reaffirms our deep belief in open collaboration.

Nzime has been involved for almost 20 years with brands and start ups in almost all sectors, offering advice and providing services built on our expertise and insight, this is what we love to do, working alongside ambitious people.

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