Ilr Project Banner@1X
Ilr Project Banner@1X

If Eames did
branding and digital.

A very successful business that had grown significantly through partnerships with various market places, it was time now though for I Love Retro to build a brand and direct channel sales. After getting to understand the personality and drive of the business owner we formed a brand around these principles, capturing the energy, playfulness and knowledge.

Now with the site in place the I Love Retro team do a great job of managing and producing content along with social and eCRM activities

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I Love Retro is a brand that is driven by a truly passionate entrepreneur that has not only established a successful brand but has had the confidence to stay true to her creative drive and clear focus. Working closely together we got to understand this clarity and also got to understand who it was that we were wanting to communicate with, once this was established we created a visual brand identity that enveloped this.

Ilr Logo
Ilr 4@2X

Activating the brand through various digital channels was the next step for I Love Retro; eCRM, social and of course the hub of all activities, the ecommerce site were then mapped out, designed and built.

If ever you are looking for a 40's inspired print or a neon pink wall sign then look no further.

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