Arena Showcase 1 Bbc Approved
Arena Showcase 1 Bbc Approved

Making a show and dance of event production

Hawthorn, the award winning event production company approached Nzime to help them bring the high-energy, experiential nature of their business to life digitally.

We showcased the technical and creative brilliance that is at the centre of all Hawthorns projects – we created a visually rich website experience. Content engagement was key – as Hawthorn’s diverse service offering and experience needed to be simplified and easily understood. Nzime developed a content-first strategy that pulled information from across the site into dedicated landing pages where users could explore by filtering.

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The nature of Hawthorns industry is high impact experiences, visually and audibly, using case studies of these events illustrated their capabilities and captured the ethos.

Hawthorn Web@2X

The reworked digital presence positioned Hawthorn as the countries leading big event production specialist and elevated them above and beyond their competition.

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