Mike Meyers

By The Nzime Team- Posted in Inspiration

Last night we attended the preview of 'Man With a Brush', a short film and photography exhibition by Dimension2 based here in Nottingham who Nzime have worked with over the years and Scene Photography, again a long standing collaborator with Nzime.

Mike Meyer 05853

The film follows Mike Meyers -  a renowned sign writer working on commissions, kicking back with friends and generally going about his fascinating life. Mike attended the screen and we managed to catch a few minutes with him to ask a bunch of typographic nerd questions...

Mike Meyer 06642
Mike Meyer 07891
Mike Meyer 08891

How many typefaces would you say you have in your repertoire?


I'd say around 40-50 off the bat, I have my favourites but yeah, around 40.


Favourite typeface? or is that just to difficult to pin down?


A heavy flowing script.

Keep an eye out for future screenings/exhibitions as I can honestly say it was breathtaking.