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Virtual Reality in Cardboard

Vr 1

When Google released their Cardboard project to developers we couldn't resist giving it a try.

Vr 2

Several paper cuts later we had our successfully constructed set of VR goggles.

Quickly slotting in a smartphone and firing up the Google Cardboard app, we were greeted with a surprisingly good VR experience using Google Maps to fly-through a mountain range, a virtual theatre for YouTube videos and an example of a virtual tour guide.

Vr 4

The cardboard itself also has some ingenious features such as a sliding magnet on the side to trigger the magnetic dock sensor inside the phone enabling you to use it as a 'ViewMaster' style button.

To pimp up your goggles even more there are now NFC and Bluetooth sensors available to add auto app-launching, etc.

Virtual Reality

Next step is for us to start playing with the Cardboard SDK and create our own apps - watch this space!