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Smashing Conference Oxford

Smashing Oxford 2015

As a long-time reader of Smashing Magazine, the online magazine for designers and developers, I decided that attending their conference was long overdue.

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The venue in Oxford was a perfect setting with some great industry speakers such as Richard Rutter, Bruce Lawson, Rachel Ilan Simpson and Jake Archibald from Google.

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The main topic of conversation seemed to be around responsive design which to be fair has been the biggest subject in web design for the past few years, but this was focused more on performance optimisation for images as well as useful tips on analysing and optimising code.

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Other subjects included a talk by Christopher Murphy 'A good writer is a good thinker' which refreshingly didn't have a lot to do with web design and highlighted new ways of thinking creatively.

Two days of inspiring stuff to fill my brain (and notebook).