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Clare At: TEDxUoN

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This Sunday found me not feasting on my usual Sunday Roast but feasting on some inspirational talks at TEDx - put on by the University of Nottingham.

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If you haven't heard of TED - why not? TED is a fantastic non-profit organisation 'devoted to spreading ideas', usually in the form of short, powerful talks. They have a huge range of subjects - if you can think of it, the chances are there's a TED talk related to it. TEDx was created in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." It supports independent organisers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community.So when a TEDx day popped up in Nottingham - I booked on straight away!

The theme of the day was 'Think Global, Act Local' and featured 12 speakers to talk to us about their ventures, experiences and ideas. I could talk about them all but that would take forever, so I'll touch on some of my favourite speakers from the day.

Marsha Smith - The Secret Kitchen


Armed with a wooden spoon, Marsha told us how she launched The Secret Kitchen in2011 to serve Nottingham locals and is now launching Family Kitchen. The cafe has no fixed menu and instead focuses on making each meal a 'special;' that had been freshly cooked. The kitchens use supermarket and locally grown food surplus to create the meals - saving a HUGE amount of food from landfill and reducing food waste across the UK. The real draw here is in creating a social eating enterprise where people can come to meet new people and enjoy healthy, home-cooked food and join together in this fantastic enterprise.

Philip Trippenbach - Change Making Gamer

Philip spoke to us about how we can use the concept of gaming to get across ideas and create change. Games and adhere to the three basic principles of interactivity: Challenge. Motivation. Feedback. Philip explains that by adopting these three principles correctly we can create learning experiences so compelling that people will participate just for the sake of doing so. He asks what if we could create a a system to help us solve big problems such as climate change, joining together to solve a problem. "We are the species who do things together. It۪s what we do. We need to communicate to survive, and to thrive."

Phil Hansen -Artist

Whilst at art school Phil developed a tremor in his hand which resulted in Phil feeling lost amongst the art world. Until... he embraced the shake. Through embracing and challenging his own limitations Phil discovered he could create amazing works of art by simply seizing his limitations. By doing this Phil was able to create amazing works of art - using swirls created by his own shake, candles, live worms. All these pushed passed and through to create amazing pieces, that probably had he not embraced his limitations he would never have created. This challenged us to think of our own limitations - how can embrace them and use them to create something amazing?

Watch his talk here.