An Intern's Blog - Part 3

“You can find inspiration in everything, and if you can’t look again”

Being a sponge is one of the most vital things you can be as a designer, you can find the best of solutions in the most random of places. Log off pinterest, talk a walk and sponge it all in.

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Type - Shop windows, libraries and signage can be a typographers safe haven. Look at the format, content and colours of typefaces to help solve your dilemmas. Also take in the surroundings to help you choose a font that fits and is appropriately placed. 

Pattern & Shapes - It took something as simple as a ladybird finding its way onto my stripy t-shirt to influence a spiral of thoughts about contrasting patterns and colours. Nature is a great place to look as it isn’t effected by human control. It does what it wants whether it looks good or not and the contrast of colours, patterns and shapes can trigger a lot of inspiration. 

Colour Palettes - Stuck on choosing a palette of colours that work together? Find some of your holiday snaps! Sometimes the vibrancy of a culture or beauty of a scenic view can produce a range of colours that work stunningly together. My favourite was the calm view from a bay in Mulga, Turkey. The pale blue of the sea and sky created some lovely tones, with a nice introduction of some creams from the stone and the contrasting black of the bollards. 

Spontaneity - I took a quick snap in Leicester train station and noticed the form of all the straight horizontal lines. I loved the way so many un-related objects can form to create a uniform feel as if it has been purposely done, but it was all just a matter of the right place at the right time. Spontaneity is good, don’t be afraid of it!  

By The Nzime Team on 17/06/2016